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Principal Investigator

Irfan J. Lodhi, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine,

Director, Diabetes Models Phenotyping Core,

Washington University Diabetes Research Center

Washington University School of Medicine

Irfan Lodhi received his PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan Medical School, where he studied signaling pathways involved in insulin-stimulated glucose transport in adipocytes under the mentorship of Dr. Alan Saltiel. In 2007, he joined Dr. Clay Semenkovich’s laboratory at Washington University School of Medicine as a postdoctoral research fellow to study lipid metabolism. Dr. Lodhi joined the faculty as an instructor in the Department of Medicine in 2011 and was appointed Assistant Professor of Medicine in 2014. In July 2020, he was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

Current Lab Members

Min Tan.jpg

Min Tan
Lab Manager

Dong-Liang Lu.jpg

Dongliang Lu, PhD


Donghua Hu.jpg
Brian Kleiboeker.jpg

Donghua Hu, PhD


Brian Kleiboeker

Post Baccalaureate Reseacher Assistant

Xuejing Liu.jpg

Xuejing Liu, PhD


Parniyan Goodarzi, PhD


Former Lab Members

Anyuan He PhD, Postdoc

John Dean, PhD Student

Hongsuk Park PhD, Postdoc

Stephanie Pecaro, Research Technician II

Xiaowen Chen PhD, Visiting Scholar

Jun Wang PhD, Visiting Scholar

Kamyar Chong, Undergraduate Student

Ali Kazmi, Undergraduate Student

Sathvik Palakurty, Undergraduate Student,  Amgen Scholars Research Fellow

Ashlee Hulbert, Medical Student, NIDDK Summer Research Fellow

Nitya Janardhan, Undergraduate Student

Cynthia Cipolla PhD, Postdoc

Mark Xu, Undergraduate Student

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